Nataliia Larina

Natalia Larina zdjęcieWho is Nataliia Larina?

She has set on her nail styling journey at the age of fifteen, and hasn’t looked back since. Determination and hard work have contributed to her amazing success and reaching far-set goals. In her career Natalia has won numerous competitions and received prestigious awards - she was twice the number one and vice-champion at the International Beauty Fair Niewskije Bergega (Petersburg, Russia 2011), she won the Grand Prix Cup of People’s Friendship (2011) as well as winning the Central Championships VICTORY (Moskov, Russia 2012).

Nataliia Larina - heart and soul innovative approach to nail styling.

Entirely new perspective in the Nail Art styling, creates unique, one of the kind nail art designs. Natalia is a forerunner of more than 30 nail art techniques, and she hasn’t said her last word yet! Natalia is unstoppable - constantly tests and tries new products and techniques. She’s a real artist and can conceive a true master piece, from seemingly mismatched to amazing artwork. Experiments, creative thinking an absolute brainstorm of ideas.


Inspired by nail art Natalia created something absolutely unique. SLOWIANKA NAIL TRENDS isn’t just a company manufacturing gel nail polish. We are a whole lot more! Natalia Larina has you - the nail stylist at her heart, she wants you to be successful at what you do, while using professional products that contribute to your accomplishments. Once she was you, the stylist, she truly understands what you need to become prosperous in your profession.

Practice makes the master!

Natalia not only creates designs, but also educates stylists. Her trainings are exceptionally popular among nail stylists from all over Poland. Her passion for nail styling is absolutely contagious, out-of-the-box and innovative approach have gained fans. The available trainings such as: the hottest nail art trends, the customer’s favorite nail art - it is YOU who motivates Natalia and Slowianka Nail Trends to constant development.

Natalia always puts in 110% of her engagement and energy towards the products and trainings. Her talent in the rough, commitment and tons of heart put into her work have really given fruitful outcome. She’s cherished for creating fantastic atmosphere of kindness and trust. Natalia makes it possible for you to believe in your skills, to achieve new heights in the nail styling. She has already trained legions of nail stylists, and she’s greatly appreciated as an educator.


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