Combined Manicure - online certificate

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Ideal cuticles, perfectly painted nail plate - up to the cuticles - this is the essence of combination manicure. 

This type of manicure has a lot of fans, but its correct execution is a real challenge. It requires great precision - even a little slip may result in an unaesthetic styling. How to properly perform a combination manicure? What mistakes to avoid? What to pay attention to? You will get answers to these and other questions during the Extended Course in Combination Manicure in the online webinar with Natalia Larina. 

Topics covered during the 2-hour course: 

  • various types of traditional manicure: with cutting, milling and a combination of these two methods; 
  • classification of cutters that will be used for this type of manicure - detailed description; 
  • individual stages of manicure; 
  • correct selection of tools for combination manicure and the types of client's cuticles; 
  • problematic areas; 
  • the most common mistakes made while working on a client's hand; 
  • correct selection and supplementing with a base; discussion of facts and myths; 
  • covering the nail with a color for the cuticles; obtaining the effect of the color "growing out" from under the cuticles. 
  • By purchasing the training, you will receive: 
  • an online certificate; 
  • one-time, 10% discount on products;

Access to the training will be active for 6 months from the date of purchase.

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