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Expert Nail Technician Course – Become a Superstar Professional!

Looking to up-skill in the nail technician industry ?
Have you always wanted to share your professional skills and aspire the next generation of Nail Technicians?

The Nail Technician Instructor program will teach you how to become a career educator.
Pick Slowianka Nail Trends Course and join our team of Instructors.

We have prepared an accelerated course tailored right up to your professional needs - 10 hours of useful training!

Do you love your job, would you like to inspire others?

We have prepared just the right thing for you.

Express Educator

More than 10 hours of advanced, detailed nail art training with Natalia Larina , available either in Polish or in English. Sign up today!

Use your experience in your favor.


We invite you to apply and join our wonderful team! Take a chance and up-skill in your career!
We can’t wait to hear more about your experience!


The course consists of 3 MODULES:

First Module: Combined Manicure - Baby Boomer & French Manicure
Second Module: Get to know the 5 most popular salon nail shapes
Third Module: Nail Art and Coloring


During the training we will cover the practical and theoretical step by step.
Each lesson consists of knowledgeable insights and comprehensive practice. Learn wherever you are! Even on the go!

The fastest and in-depth educational course available.

If you would like to:

• Gain new skills in an accelerated time,
• Have another career besides the Nail Tech one,
• Work in your own time to up-skill - at your own speed (available for 180-days after purchase!),
• Become an Educator/Instructor and are looking for comprehensive and compelling course.

Detailed description:

First Module: Combined Manicure - Baby Boomer & French Manicure
Combined manicure - variety of techniques in sitting. Usually done in a structured way - during our course you will learn to recognize the right manicure for the cuticle and the perfect shape for your clients’ nails, using variety of market available tools. Additionally during our training you acquire the skills to perform the most popular nail art that’s trending such as: Baby Boomer and French Manicure!


Second Module: Get to know the 5 most popular salon nail shapes
Comprehensive knowledge concerning the nails’ architecture tips and tweaks, you will learn unique techniques to approach the fake nails, based on 3 categories, a total of 12 salon nail shapes. You will learn the various differences amongst each of the categories, how to files from one shape to another, when it’s possible to create desired shape and when it’s frankly a huge faux pas.


Third Module: Nail Art and Coloring
The nail art coloring part pertains not only to comprehensive knowledge and skills concerning mixing colors and palette, but also all of the necessities needed for working at a top-notch salon. You will find out about color hues, the most fashionable nail art techniques and what products to use in order to achieve the desired finish.



• Access to over 10 hours of interactive on-line training.
• Advanced technical and instructors’ training courses available!
• You will receive an internationally recognized certificate proving your knowledge
• Use our platform for gaining additional knowledge and exchange experiences with our community!
• High quality presentations and materials used.
• Two language options available: English and Polish
20% rebate received for purchases at our online store: Slowianka
• Accelerated path to up-skill your career: Slowianka’s Educator.

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